Manage Your Shell Commands

It is like a shortcut menu to run the shell command
A simple SSH shortcut menu

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Create A Configuration File

You can refer to the example.json sample configuration file to create a configuration file that suits your work, with a reasonable configuration, you can improve your work efficiency

Select The Terminal
To Execute The Shell Command

You can choose either the system default terminal or the iTerm terminal.
iTerm is a popular iTerm terminal and I really like to use it.
However, considering that many people may not have iTerm terminal installed, I set the terminal that comes with the system as the default

Switching Profiles At Any Time

Depending on your work habits, depending on what you are working on, you can switch profiles whenever and wherever you want.

Looking Forward To Your Discovery

Switch can do a lot of things, and we look forward to you discovering what it can do.

Give Me Feedback

You can Email me.

Switch Not working

System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Automation -> Check on Switch

Privacy Policy

Switch does not collect any of your data. Aside from checking for and downloading app updates and register the App, Switch never even connects to the internet.